How to configure your companies Okta with Sliderule


This guide is only applicable for self hosted integrations

Sliderule supports Okta integrations and other Oauth2.0 providers out of the box. All you have to do is configure the correct environment variables in the containers running our application and you're ready to go.

API Container Configuration

Setting the following environment variables on your Sliderule API image allows the server to authenticate through Okta:

AUDIENCE_URL=<okta application client idx, e.g., 0oa60sue2aTiW9Dsh5d7>
ISSUER_URL=<okta authentication server url, e.g.,>

Web Container Configuration

Similar to the api container, the web container also needs values for the following variables in order to complete the okta integration:

AUTH_AUDIENCE=<okta application client idx, e.g., 0oa60sue2aTiW9Dsh5d7>
AUTH_DOMAIN=<okta authentication server url, e.g.,>

Other Important Points

Login/Logout Redirects

When creating the application in Okta, the sign in redirect uri should be your sliderule url plus the path '/login/callback'. The signout recirects are just the sliderule url by itself

Security Settings

Also, make sure to add the sliderule url to your Okta security > API > Trusted Origins. The important point here is to enable cross origin resource sharing. For example: