Welcome to Sliderule - the no-code rules engine for customer risk decisions.

We help risk teams build data-driven decisioning workflows to tackle fraud, compliance, credit risk, and more. Decisions are made using Workflows, built through the Sliderule editor, combining rules, data connectors, and other logic blocks to return a complete result.

Basic Terminology

Workflow - completed decision logic flow. Each workflow has its own API endpoint to execute.

  • Starts with an Input which contains data fields to use in rules
  • Executes Logic Blocks including Rulesets, Data Connectors, Transforms, and more
  • Returns an Output, including:
    - Result (Approve, Reject, Investigate)
    - Custom Variables (optional) such as score, risk_tier, etc

Execution - the result of running the Workflow with a specific set of input fields (i.e. for a single customer or transaction)

Alert - generated any time an Execution returns status of Investigate. Alerts will be displayed in the Inbox for review by your team