Adding Datasource Credentials

To use the various Data Connectors in Sliderule, you'll need to have Credentials set up first. Head to the Credentials tab in the side bar, and click Add New Credential to get started.

Database Credentials

Currently, Sliderule supports connections to:

  • Postgres Databases
  • Snowflake Databases (New)

The process for adding credentials is similar. After clicking Database on the Add New Credential modal, you'll have an option to select a database type

Postgres Databases


Whitelisting IPs

You'll likely need to add the following IPs to your whitelist, to allow Sliderule to connect:


You'll need some basic info about your database, as well as a username and password to set up your Credential.

You can check out a sample data source at Sample Data Sources if you want to play around.

Fill out the fields and click next. Enter a test SQL query here, to make sure the connection works properly. Try something like

SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT 1;

Snowflake Databases

Select Snowflake from the Database type dropdown. Then fill out the various fields on the modal, including role, schema, warehouse, etc

From here, the process is the same as for testing Postgres credential above.

API Call Credentials

Follow the same steps above, but select API Call.

To get started, enter the URL for the API you're trying to hit. Next, you'll need to pick an Authentication Type. We currently support:

  • Bearer Token - JWT bearer token to be entered on next step
  • Basic Auth - username:password option will appear in next step
  • API Key - key:value option will appear in next step
  • OAuth2
  • AWS Signature

as well as unauthenticated calls (not recommended.

Click next and set up a test API Call to make sure your credentials work properly. Select GET or POST, and if POST then feel free to add a sample request body. Click Test to confirm your credentials are working, then click Save.