Alerts & Review Actions

Sliderule Workflows can create Alerts, which will be queued for Manual Review in the Inbox. You can configure the types of Alerts your workflows will fire, as well as setting up custom Review Actions for analysts to trigger during manual review.

Configuring custom Alerts and Review Actions

From inside your Workflow, select the triple dot menu in the top bar, and then click Configure Alerts. You can then add a new Alert Type (e.g. for a suspicious transaction).

You can configure Review Actions available to analysts who are triaging alerts of this type in the Inbox. These actions can be used to call another Sliderule workflow, where you can set up API Calls, Database updates, Slack notifications, and more.

Triggering an Alert

Once you've set up Alert Types to use in your workflow, you can trigger them from your rules with the alert keyword. You'll see the available Alert Types appear in the dropdown.

Selecting Review Actions for your Alerts

Once this Workflow is up and running, you can find alerts of this type in the Inbox for review. The Actions menu will show the custom Review Actions you configured for this alert type.

Selecting one of these actions will run the Sliderule Workflow you configured, and the Alert will be marked as closed. If you don't want to take any actions, you can Archive the Alert as well - this will also mark the Alert as closed.