Workflows are automated decision logic flows, that can power customer risk decisions for account opening, ongoing monitoring, fraud checks, credit decisions, and more.

Each workflow begins with an Input and runs from left to right.


Each Workflow expects a series of data fields in its Input. These are totally customizable to fit your needs, and can then be accessed in your rules to make decisions and calculations.

You can customize the fields for your Workflow by clicking on the Input block. Or you can simply pass new fields to the Input block via API, by clicking Settings > Show Collected Properties from within your Input Block.

Logic Blocks

You can drag and drop Logic Blocks into your Workflow, to build all sorts of decision logic - these blocks can include Rulesets, Data Connectors, Transforms, and more. Learn more in the Logic Blocks section of this guide Logic Blocks section of this guide


Every time your Workflow runs, it will return:
- Result (Approve, Reject, Investigate)
- Custom Variables (optional) such as score, risk_tier, etc

Any time your workflow returns with a status of Investigate, and Alert will be created in the Inbox for Manual Review.