Call Other Workflows

Sliderule supports calling a workflow from inside another workflow, allowing you to create modules of logic that can be reused around your organization.

You can select a Workflow, a Version, and configure the Fields you'll pass into that Workflow's Input. We'll use the terms Parent Workflow (for the main workflow) and Child Workflow (for the sub-workflow called by the Parent) throughout this section.

Set up your Call

Drag out a Call Workflow block onto your Graph, and give it a name. Open the block, and select the Workflow you'd like to call. You'll see the Version table then populate with the available Versions of that Workflow.

Sliderule will attempt to automatically map the Fields in your Parent Workflow to the Fields expected by the Child Workflow. However if you want to adjust manually, click on Advanced Settings.

Changes and Versions

You can point the Call Workflow block at the latest version of a Child Workflow by flipping the Use Latest Version slider.

In that case, when you save a new version of the Child workflow, Sliderule will automatically create a new version of the Parent workflow that points at this latest version of the Child.



Even with this feature, you'll still need to redeploy your Parent workflow to start using the automatically updated version in production. We never make changes to an actively deployed production version without input from you.