There are three types of record keeping for results of your Workflows in Sliderule, accessible via tabs in the sidebar.

Every time you Execute a Workflow in production – by using the /execute API, running a test with dry run mode off, or using the batch runner with dry run mode off – one or more records will be created:

History - every execution of a Sliderule workflow creates an Execution Record in the History table. These Records are immutable, available to any user who has permissions to view the Workflow that generated them, and can be searched through the Sliderule UI as well as our APIs

Inbox - a subset of your executions may end with the Investigate key word firing, which means that manual review is required. This will generate an Alert in the Inbox, our review queue / case management feature. You can customize who on your team is assigned to review different types of alerts in the Inbox, and action them after investigation.

Customers - all Execution Records and Alerts for the same customer ID are grouped together into Customers in the Customers table. This lets you see all the records for a Customer in the same screen for faster analysis.