Data, Fields, and Comparisons

Slidrule lets you use a variety of data in your workflows. Each of the data types below can be included in your Input Fields to start a workflow, used as custom variables in your workflows, or pulled in from your external data requests.


Description: Integers, decimals, floats, you name it.

Examples: age, income, amount_transferred

Comparison Functions: <, <=, >=,==,!=


Description: text

Examples: first_name, employer, bank_id

Comparison Functions: ==,!=


Description: true vs. false

Examples: flagged, active_user

Comparison Functions: == true , == false


Description: dates in format yyyy-mm-dd

Examples: transfer_date, account_created, account_deleted

Comparison Functions: <, <=, >=,==,!=


⚠️ Lists are currently in Beta. We’ll be adding simplified comparison functions in V2.8.0

Description: 1-dimensional sets

Examples: devices_used, recent_alert_ids, flags

Detailed Examples

You can add lists as Workflow Inputs via the Add Field button on the green Input block for your Workflow

You can also use Lists as Custom Variables, either in Rules or Transform blocks   

Comparison Functions:in(list, object) == true, in(list, object) == false

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