You can set up notifications within a Workflow (using the Notification Block pictured to the right), on a Workflow as a whole, or for changes in a Workflow's performance over time. Each notification type supports both Slack and Email notification.

Setting up Slack Credentials (optional)

Visit the Credentials tab, and click Add New Credential. Then select Slack, and click Next.

Give your new credential a name that will be easy for you to identify. For example “Team Slack - Development”. On the next screen click the authorize button, and you’ll be taken to the Slack application authorization flow. Follow the prompts to authorize your Sliderule instance to send messages via Slack - once your done, save this new credential.

Using the Notification block in a workflow

From inside a Workflow in Edit mode, drag out a Notification block. If the execution flow of your workflow reaches this block, a notification will be sent, so position the block accordingly (usually in a breakout path)

Once the Notification block is positioned on the Graph, click Save, and then select your new block. Choose a notification type (we’ll use Slack in this example), and then pick your Credential from the Slack Account drop down.

You should see channels populate here (note: we don’t yet support direct messages on Slack). Finally, you can type your message in the message box. You can use double curly brackets to include templated fields from the test input in your workflow

Click the Testing tab on the right hand panel to see the templated fields available to insert in your message, and try a Test message as well.

When you’re ready, click Save.

Notifications on Workflow Outcome

You can also configure notifications that fire based on overall Workflow outcome. To configure, click on the triple dot menu in the top right of your Workflow to access Workflow Global Settings. Then click on Notifications from the drop down.

You can then set up notifications by clicking Add Notifications, and using the same message editor as the Notifications Block above.

Workflow Performance Notifications

Finally, you can set up notifications at the overall workflow level, to notify you when there are changes in performance (number of daily executions, errors, warnings, and abnormal runtimes)

From the Analytics page, click the Performance tab and select your workflow. For each metric, you can configure a notification by clicking the Bell icon in the top right of your graph. From there you can configure the Threshold for when you’d like to be notified - for example in this graph, we’d notify you if the number or daily executions shifted by more than 40% up or down from the 7 day average.

Click next, and select a Slack credential, channel, and alert message just like in the Notification block section above. Alerts will only trigger once a day, so you may not see alerts appear immediately.

Creating your Slack Messages

If you're using the Slack option for your notifications, we support basic Markdown to add formatting for your messages. For example:

  • Italic Text _text goes here_
  • Bold Text *text goes here*
  • Strikethrough Text ~text goes here~
  • Links <|My Link Text>

You can find more on supported Markdown options here

You can also tag users in your slack environment using the @ Sign.