Multiple Environments and Importing

Sliderule supports importing workflow versions across environments. This lets you maintain separate Development and Production environments of Sliderule, with separate data source credentials and user accounts.


  • Source Environment - the environment you’re pulling a version from. Typically your Development environment
  • Destination Environment - the environment your importing a version into. Typically your Production environment

Importing Across Environments

  1. Pick a workflow in you Source Environment - we like to use the sample Withdraw Funds workflow that comes with your account. Make a few changes, and save your new version of the workflow. Give it a name and Deploy.

  2. Now, in your Destination Environment, create a new Workflow (call it Test Import). Click on the Import Workflow button above the Version History panel


Select the Source Environment from the dropdown, and pick the Workflow you’d like to import. Note you can only import the version of each Workflow currently deployed in the Source Environment

  1. On the next step, Modern Logic will attempt to match Credentials in the Destination Environment with the Credentials required for each Logic Block in the Workflow you’re importing. If there are any Credentials we can’t find a good match for, you’ll see a red warning icon.

You can alter the Credentials from the automated suggestions, and once you have Credentials selected for each requirement, click the blue Import button.

That’s it! All done!

Two Important Reminders:

  1. versions are not automatically Deployed after import. You’ll have to follow the standard Deploy process in the Destination Environment

  2. imports will overwrite any changes you’ve made in your Destination Environment

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